AMD to Deliver World’s Fastest Computer By 2021

Image result for AMD to Deliver World’s Fastest Computer By 2021AMD (NASDAQ:AMD), a high-performance computing company announced that it is developing the world’s fastest computer. Its exa-scale computer, driven by artificial intelligence is being developed in partnership with the US Department of Energy and the Oak Ridge National Library, with the date of completion slated for 2021.

As quoted in the press release:

“We are excited to work with the team at AMD to deliver the Frontier system to Oak Ridge National Laboratory,” said Steve Scott, senior vice president and CTO at Cray. “Cray’s Shasta supercomputers are designed to support leading edge processor technologies and high-performance storage, all tightly interconnected by Cray’s new Slingshot network. The combination of Cray and AMD technology in the Frontier system will dramatically enhance performance at scale for AI, analytics, and simulation, enabling DOE to further push the boundaries of scientific discovery.”

AMD has a proud supercomputing history and a long-standing engagement with DOE, starting with the Jaguar supercomputer in 2005 and Titan supercomputer in 2012. The Frontier system leverages years of exascale technology investments by DOE. The contract award includes technology development funding, a center of excellence, several early-delivery systems, the main Frontier system and multi-year systems support.