Billion-dollar US startup, Podium, credits Fortnite video game for increasing productivity

Representative image: Pixabay

Podium, considered one of the fastest-growing startups in the world, is headquartered in Lehi, Utah. The software enterprise set up in 2014 is now in its fifth year and has already clocked in immense success, earning it name and fame in the field.

The company already has 650 people working for it. It earned a revenue of $42.5 million in 2018, reported the Eric Rea, 33, the CEO and co-founder of the successful startup, said his company had recently earned the “unicorn” status when its valuation surpassed the $1 billion mark.

Podium’s journey is nothing short of a phenomenal success story. It was featured at No 54 in Inc’s list of 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America and was also dubbed one of the best places to work at. Rea attributes this growth and success to the ability to sustain a tight-knit work culture even in the face of a rapidly increasing number of new hires. So, how did he manage that?

Rea says Podium offers lucrative perks such as ski passes and in-office day-care centres for working parents, but the secret formula lies elsewhere.

The company’s young CEO wants people to follow this practice to grow a company as fast as his.

Play video games!

Almost all of Podium’s employees play the video game Fortnite Battle Royale. It has now almost become synonymous with the company. Rea says they have realised that, when they play Fortnite, they learn to communicate better with one another. Active participation from employees at all levels has also helped dismantle the workplace hierarchy.

Rea adds, every time one round of the game ends, the victorious employees rejoice in unison by exchanging high-fives and the like. This, he believes, has helped the firm’s productivity positively.

“I feel like the benefit of Fortnite outweighs any of the small productivity decreases that you’d see,” he said.