Man hits dogs, Karma bites back. Viral video leaves Internet all ROFL

Twitter has the best somersault videos Photo: Twitter

Twitter has the best somersault videos Photo: Twitter

Feeling low, Twitter is the best place to go.

In today’s dose of hilarious videos, we came across one that will surely make you laugh and also teach you a lesson about Karma.

The whole thing started when the Twitter account, Fit Bharat, shared a video of a boy doing somersaults with the caption, “Incredible & Super Talented ! This boy did 30 Somersaults in one go. There is abundance of natural talent in our country.We just need to pick them up at right time and groom them for Olympics. Can any1 get us in touch with him?”

In response to that video, another Twitter user shared a clip that is the star of this story. The video was shared with the caption, “I think somewhere in Pakistan, someone also has same talent.” Believe us, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. The video, apart from making you laugh, gives a very important message about Karma and its sneaky ways.

But to actually understand what the video is about you need to watch it till the absolute end.

The clip shows, two dogs fighting with each other as the crowd tries to separate them by hitting the animals with rods. Some men even try to kick the dogs to make them stop fighting.

Suddenly, one of those men gets carried away and gets too close to a rotating rod that is attached to a tractor on one side and a machine on the other, churning out sugar cane juice.

And then, BOOM, the man starts rotating along with the rod. He takes over 10 rotations before the rod comes to a halt. This video left us in splits.

We are still laughing at the video and so is Twitter.