YouTuber builds world’s first pasta PC that works

What happens when your wife casually jokes about a PC made of pasta? You actually build it! This is what happened when YouTuber Micah Laplante, who runs the YouTube channel Laplanet Arts, did when his wife made the seemingly tasty joke.

Laplante posted the video of the PC, aptly called The Lasagna PC V.1 (probably there will be more in the making since this is just the first version). First spotted by Motherboard, the video shows the casing of the pasta PC is built entirely out of lasagna and rigatoni glued together. Laplante made the first-ever pasta PC in the world using the motherboard of his previously owned Asus Transformer tablet.

Laplante even painted the glue red to make it look like tomato sauce. The pasta PC is fully functional, but lags during video streaming or gaming owing to the old tablet it is built on.